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frozen yogurt

Natural is our purest slightly tart Greek Frozen Yogurt flavor. It leaves you completely free to create a chillbox of your liking with so many toppings and sauces or, perhaps, none? 

Chocolate is a classic flavor done Greek Frozen Yogurt way! 

Think of this flavor as cookies and cream, Greek Frozen Yogurt style.

Our Madagascar Vanilla combines the most sought after vanilla flavor of rich, creamy and buttery aroma, swirled with the purest strained yogurt and fresh milk to make Greek Frozen Yogurt goodness. 

Mango flavor adds a tropical note to your chillbox Greek Frozen Yogurt  

This flavor will give you a taste of strawberries along with traditional to Greek Frozen Yogurt slight tartness. So many chillbox combinations await!

Banana is our popular kids' flavor, but that doesn’t exclude it from being also favorite adults' option!

Nutty with notes of caramel - this Greek Frozen Yogurt flavor is a favorite of many! 

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